The World’s Top 20 Cities with the Most Visitors

  1. 22.78 million visitors in Bangkok

With 22 million foreign tourists, Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, is the most visited city worldwide!

Bangkok is a city filled with continual bustle and the cacophony of tuk-tuks, where exploration without a map always yields enjoyable discoveries.

Savor the typical urban amenities of shopping malls and contemporary areas before directing your attention to its assortment of golden temples and shrines. Take a boat to Bangkok’s floating markets after following your nose to discover the city’s innumerable street markets full of flavors that are spicy, sour, sweet, and salty.

Chinatown and Sukhumvit come alive at night, offering a cosmopolitan and culturally diverse nightlife. And to overlook the thrill of thrilling day trips outside of this bustling metropolis!

  1. 19.10 million visitors to Paris

The most visited city in Europe and the second most visited worldwide is Paris!

Paris’s historic structures, sweeping boulevards, and graceful bridges will capture your interest.

See the historical sites of the city with a fast cruise down the Seine River, or visit specific neighborhoods to see the Louvre, Notre Dame, the Eiffel Tower, and more.

Furthermore, as a well-known center of fashion and art, tourists must see the collections at the Centre Pompidou and the Musee d’Orsay. In addition to art nouveau department stores like Galeries Lafayette, atmospheric booksellers, vintage stores, and flea markets have become prominent features.

Choose from any of the following photo books to fully immerse yourself in this stunning city while lounging on your couch. They’re all filled with amazing pictures that will definitely surprise and please you!

  1. 19.09 million visitors to London

Without a doubt, one of the most visited cities in the world is London! London’s gothic architecture offers opulent and historically significant spaces, complemented by modern touches like the Shard, Tate Modern, and Sky Garden.

The West End and its bars will enchant you, and London’s modern theater, art, and literature will astound you.

The city will welcome you with the splendor of verdant parks and urban sprawl, and it will take you on an amazing historical tour.

  1. 15.93 million visitors to Dubai

Dubai emerges in all its modern splendor from the desert.

The skyline is dominated by high-rises that house slick office buildings and mega-malls.

Lazy shopping, performance spaces, quiet places of prayer, and posh rooftop patios are the hallmarks of city living.

Beaches are bits of nature on the periphery, a stark contrast to the artificial aquariums and botanical gardens.

Of course, you can also book a vacation to the desert to go on a camel ride or take a four-wheeler down some dunes.

  1. 14.67 million visitors in Singapore

Singapore is a forward-thinking city that is both green and inventive.

Take use of its well-organized transit system to visit various attractions while seeing Chinatown’s Little India and its varied districts.

You may enjoy a wide variety of international cuisine in Singapore’s street markets, hawker centers, and fine dining establishments. It’s a must-visit destination for foodies.

When you’re not eating, you’ll be lounging around the opulent Orchard Road mall or discovering the well-known Botanic Gardens.

  1. 13.79 million visitors in Kuala Lumpur

Let the vibrant energy of Kuala Lumpur fill your senses!

Owing to the city’s diverse population, which includes Chinese, Indian, and Malay people, mosques and temples can be found there that contrast sharply with shiny skyscrapers.

The striking high-end retail centers and lively street markets further demonstrate this celebration of the past and present.

Take your vacation exploring high-end labels and finding the top hawker stands to get the best of both worlds.

  1. 13.60 million visitors to New York

The city where dreams come true—New York!

Explore the streets in search of private art galleries and the renowned Met, MoMA, and Guggenhiem, all of which are arranged in a grid pattern throughout the city. Large Central Park, opulent office buildings, well-lit Chinatown, indie bookshops, and trendy cafés are all accessible from these locations.

Savor opulent Broadway productions or navigate via hidden cafés and rooftop bars while dining. The major metropolis that will have you giddy with anticipation is New York.

  1. Istanbul: Thirteen Million Tourists

Istanbul is rich in history, having seen numerous governing dynasties come and go due to its advantageous location.

With a history spanning the Greek, Roman, Venetian, and Ottoman eras, the city is decorated with imperial mosques and Byzantine churches.

Sharp peaks in the skyline have appeared in recent decades as big office complexes, galleries, and museums have grown along the older buildings.

Tourists often commend Istanbul’s diverse food scene, which combines European and Asian flavors; the best local fare is mezze and kebab, though.

  1. 12.93 million visitors in Tokyo

Tokyo is the city that would exist if there was a future city!

Tokyo never stops with its spotless streets, gleaming skyscrapers, and bustling people.

Extremely high living standards are set by convenient technology and smart technologies.

Tokyo has a strong sense of nostalgia for its past, yet there are also pockets of greenery and spirituality among the gaudy urban sprawl and neon billboards. See the tranquil Meiji Shrine and Yanezen’s Edo-styled streets.

Tokyo has secret temples, leisurely districts, and under-the-tracks eateries that are worth exploring beyond its trendy cafés and eye-catching clothing.

  1. 12.41 million visitors to Antalya

Travel to the chic city of Antalya, which is situated on the Turkish Riviera.

Antalya is a picturesque retreat that combines the Mediterranean coast with the well-preserved Kaleici old districts.

Wander about the city to see the exquisitely renovated Ottoman homes before arriving at the harbor.

Take a trip down memory lane by exploring the Suna & Inan Kirac Kaleici Museum or the Antalya Museum while inhaling the aroma of the sea.

  1. Seoul: Eleven Million Tourists

Seoul is the hottest location for vacationers, and it is always updating with new styles.

The city is a hub for young people, drawing in fashion experts and K-pop lovers with its alluring cultural offerings, idol sightings, and shopping.

However, Seoul has a wealth of historical locations for you to visit, so don’t limit your time to window shopping and indulging in late munchies.

See its palaces while dressed in traditional hanbok and explore the archaic marketplaces to find a missing piece.

  1. Osaka, with 10.14 million tourists

If you’re not into the fast-paced Tokyo, consider visiting the amiable and sun-filled Osaka.

Osaka, a cultural hub that delights with both historical landmarks and commercial enjoyment, is the entry point to Kyoto and Kobe.

With a variety of eateries, including okonomiyaki and standing ramen stands, vibrant Dotonbori is seldom without people.

Next to Shopping malls are concentrated in Umeda, while Shinsaibashi is home to kilometers of boutiques, bookstores, and confectionary shops.

A entire day may be spent diverting at Universal Studios Japan and exploring the several historical buildings, like Osaka Castle and Tennoji Temple!

  1. Ten million visitors to Makkah

For all Muslims, Makkah is an essential pilgrimage site and is highly symbolic.

The holiest city in Islam, Makkah is a religious hub with the sacred Kaaba at its core. It is also the place where the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was born.

This 7th-century city in a desert valley is open exclusively to Muslims.

Visitors (millions each year) will discover that Makkah is surrounded by constructed, contemporary buildings that represent the religious hotspot’s historic character; in contrast, comfortable residences are tucked away in rocky hills.

  1. 9.89 million visitors to Phuket

Phuket is a paradise of karst islands and beaches, with two national parks and an abundance of islands to discover.

The variety of beaches is astounding, ranging from the opulent Surin and Ao Bang Thao to the somewhat downtown Patong. In the meanwhile, groups of snorkelers and scuba divers are welcome to explore the shimmering seas of the Similan Islands thanks to breathtaking coral reefs.

Kayaking across limestone karsts and into the lagoons of Ao Phang-Nga is another option.

To keep things interesting, Phuket Town also has museums, cookery schools, Chinese temples, and animal sanctuaries.

  1. 9.44 million visitors to Pattaya

If you’re craving heat, visit the popular Pattaya for countless beach activities and a core neighborhood with a party vibe.

Of course, Thailand is home to many magnificent temples and shrines, but Pattaya is most famous for its beach resorts.

Take a hurried tour of the city before settling down for some sun and relaxation by the coast. This is a city that fully supports hedonistic beliefs.

  1. 9.10 million people visited Milan.

Creativity and the arts are vital to elegant Milan.

Milan makes an impression with its futuristic architecture and art deco design, having broken free from the Italian conflicts to allow for post-war development.

Its art and fashion, however, continue to be its main draws.

Take in the city’s impressive art collection and talk to the owners of the galleries; the Triennale Design Museum will not disappoint.

Visit boutiques, fashion houses, showrooms, and any other chic location that comes to mind.

Finally, savor the delectable Milanese cuisine, which is influenced by the Mediterranean.

  1. 9.09 million people visited Barcelona.

Barcelona has abundant fresh seafood and top-notch architecture.

There are too many varieties of architecture to witness in a week, just like there are tapas.

The city is peppered with amazing architecture, from beneath Roman areas to the medieval Gothic Quarter to Gaudi’s modernist wonders.

The stunning design is further enhanced by the sand beaches, sculpture gardens, magnificent Montjuic, and undulating Collserola hills. There are countless taverns, museums, galleries, and green areas to explore, so you’ll be moving throughout the day.

  1. 8.96 million visitors to Palma de Mallorca

Palma de Mallorca in Spain has seen its fair share of monarchs.

The city’s eclectic architecture and historical buildings pay homage to the succession of historical civilizations, spanning from the Moors and Romans to the Christian leaders of the thirteenth century.

Venture out into the old streets after exploring the Gothic Cathedral.

There will be vibrant street markets, regal townhomes, magnificent baroque cathedrals, and bustling public squares.

Surrounding suburban neighborhoods, full of galleries and craft studios, exude a distinct bohemian air as well.

By far Mallorca’s well-known, crystal-clear beaches are the primary draw for tourists!

  1. 8.26 million tourists visited Bali

Bali is another popular destination that has taken over social media feeds, particularly Instagram, with its beautiful jungles and homes by the sea. Due to its natural beauty, Bali has become one of the most sought-after travel destinations in recent years!

Customs abound as people march to temple rituals and witness amazing dance presentations; the island honors the spiritual with vibrant displays.

Bali is also diversified; you can visit the opulent Bukit Peninsula, discover the enigmatic Ubud, or have a wild time in Kuta.

Bali has it all—scuba diving spots, historic landmarks, urban conveniences, and a beach getaway all rolled into one!

It’s a mood, as millennials would say!

  1. 8.23 million tourists visited Hong Kong SAR.

Although the harbor may not smell as good as its name suggests, Hong Kong’s bustling streets and tall skyscrapers will leave an impression on your senses!

Much of the city’s distinctive cultural landscape is hidden by the skyline, with upscale shopping centers, global brands, and haggling vendors coexisting with gaudy merchandise.

Whether it’s sailing across the bay on a ferry or shooting panoramic photos from Victoria Peak, there’s always something to see or do.

Plan to see temples and indulge in dim sum meals. Savor shopping time and Ocean Park’s aquatic vibe. Enjoy strenuous walks and breathtaking views of the shore; Hong Kong is more than just steel and concrete.

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