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Whether they’ve just returned from an insane alpine adventure, explored a new city, or enjoyed a beach day, everyone deserves a soothing shower and a comfortable bed. It might be an opulent hotel, a warm guesthouse, or a welcoming hostel. The most important thing is that the sort of lodging you select fits your needs, preferences, and budget.

Selecting the ideal lodging might be simple and enjoyable, but it can also be difficult and demanding. We have experience with all phases of searching, booking, and lodging, so we know that. In some cases, we were able to accomplish our goal (a comfortable bed and shower), while in other cases, we failed miserably (bed bugs and cold water). The good news is that we now know how to avoid mistakes, and it’s time to impart our wisdom on how to reserve lodging anywhere in the globe.

You can book any hotel, hostel, camping site, or resort using the methods below, regardless of your travel preferences or budget. By doing this, you may steer clear of the potential hazards of being anxious throughout the reservation process and, worse, of lodging in an unsatisfactory location that could spoil your entire trip.

How can I reserve the ideal lodging?

tip 1: Clarify your goals.

Prioritizing your desired experience is the first step in any travel planning process. Here, you ought to be quite detailed. Which would you choose—a five-star hotel, a bathtub-equipped room, or stunning views? or a creative hostel that hosts a plethora of events and activities? A cheap hotel or perhaps a cozy cabin in the mountains with a fireplace? Though you should be practical, give yourself permission to fantasize about the ideal lodging, experience, and room.

The difficult phase is about to begin. Once you have identified your goals, you need to consider what is within your reach. It’s time to figure out how much you can afford to spend on lodging. Is your lodging the most important aspect of your trip? Is it better to spend less on lodging and more on experiences?

You’ll be able to see your goals and possibilities with the aid of these questions. The second piece of advise in this lodging guide can then be followed.

Tip 2: Look up and reserve your lodging on reputable websites.

Numerous results will appear when you search for “best hotels in Istanbul” on Google. travel bloggers’ articles offering advice on the greatest hotels and places to stay in a particular city. Booking sites will then propose their top-rated properties and those with the highest reviews. Thereafter, hotel websites invite you to make a straight reservation. Gathering relevant data and picking reliable sources are the two things I advise.

You can read our post about hotel recommendations and where to stay—along with many other bloggers’—below. This implies that if you’re seeking for lodging with thorough reviews, travel bloggers are a valuable source of information. While reading our reviews, you’ll notice that clicking on a hotel name will take you to a different website. This occurs as a result of the booking procedure being completed either directly on the hotel website or through a booking platform.

The first question that most visitors have is this one: is it preferable to make a reservation through a booking site like or directly with the hotel? If the hotel is a reputable, well-known brand and you would be able to receive a great bargain, then I would advise you to make your reservation directly with them. I would advise using an international booking platform if it’s a hotel you’ve never heard of before in a nation you’ve never visited. Ultimately, it all comes down to reliability. It’s critical to understand how payments are handled, to have a clear cancellation policy, and to receive the booking confirmation via email—ideally in your native tongue or in English. Small things have a big impact.

Although there are numerous other booking platforms available, we prefer to keep things simple and manageable. For this reason, we pick the greatest ones and utilize them consistently to gain advantages as regular users (yet another helpful hint). No matter where we are going, we always use the booking websites we stated to search and compare the results. We are now prepared to offer our third booking advice for lodging.

Tip 3: Research before you book

This, according to some vacationers, is the hardest part of making a hotel reservation. Indeed, that is possible, but if you adhere to our first piece of advice, which is to know what you need, desire, and can afford, the comparison process will be simple. I promise.

Look for the hotel, hostel, resort, apartment, or villa you desire using the lodging websites we previously mentioned. You can use filters to simplify your life when the results appear (my favorite filters are those from Sort by price, ratings, location, features, number of stars, and more. You are aware of your needs, preferences, and financial situation.

Next, open each of the properties that seem like a good fit, and begin comparing them (yes, we know, there are 20 tabs open at once LOL). What therefore ought to you search for? In addition to the images, the following factors should be taken into account when selecting the ideal lodging:

The pricing should be compared to what is offered to see if it fits within your trip budget and provides good value. Remember that hostels might not always be the least expensive choice. When reserving a room at someone’s home, Airbnb provides excellent value. Rather than reserving single beds in a hostel dormitory, couples, families, and groups of friends may discover better deals by renting private rooms (family or group rooms) in inexpensive hotels. Making reservations at a five-star hotel? Examine all the prices because their executive rooms typically come with incredible benefits.

Stars: keep in mind that a 3-star guesthouse and a 5-star hotel cannot be compared. Since their offerings are unique, the cost and the whole experience will differ. Treat the competitors in your hotel fairly.

Reviews are an important consideration for us. Check out the latest comments and reviews, as well as the ratio of positive to negative ratings. Take note if they mention anything specific that may be significant to you, such as a hotel that is just for adults or a nice bed. or something you should stay away from, like a lot of stairs or a shower with poor pressure.

Location: Do you think the hotel’s location is ideal? It may occasionally be in a lovely location but not ideal for your trip’s objectives. Remember that hotels located far from the city center or from well-known landmarks are typically less expensive in pricey cities or major destinations like Paris, Amsterdam, or London.

transit: Hotels that are easily accessible from/to airports or rail stations, or that are close to public transit, receive bonus points. Remember to find out if the resort or upscale lodging you are reserving has transfer or pick-up services.

Services & amenities: Is there a restaurant, a gym, or a swimming pool at the hotel? Are all of these necessary? Or is it preferable to make a reservation at a cheaper, smaller hotel with less amenities? It all comes down to your wish list for the ideal stay, which is the first advice.

Breakfast is a topic that I’m passionate about. I’m a happy traveler if breakfast is included in the room charge since I adore a good breakfast. If you are worried about how much your trip will cost, I would suggest calculating the cost of eating breakfast outside of the hotel and comparing it to the cost of a room that includes breakfast to one that doesn’t. Here is a place where you can check how much it costs to go to certain locations.

Payment and cancellation policy: I know you don’t want to lose money, but circumstances do change and excursions can be canceled. When making your reservation, make sure to review the cancellation policy and, if at all feasible, pick the hotel with the most generous one. Payment is also necessary. Verify whether you can pay with the property’s currency during check-in, or whether they will charge your credit card ahead of time. Exchange rates might cause you to lose money or save it, depending on where you are going.

Tip 4: For any special requests, get in touch with your hotel.

After selecting your lodging and completing the booking process, consider if you still require anything. Sending a brief note can take care of basic needs like informing them of your late arrival, requesting a non-smoking accommodation, and confirming that you will have a double bed rather than two singles. If you have any specific needs, use the messaging feature on the booking platform to communicate with the property. begging ahead increases your chances of receiving what you need or want significantly more than begging for a miracle at the front desk.

You should be able to reserve the greatest lodging for your vacation by now, so let us share our suggestions for places to stay in various parts of the globe. They’ll provide you suggestions for enchanting island getaways, romantic accommodations, and city excursions. Some of our top hotel recommendations include travel advice and information to assist you in selecting the ideal lodging and planning your schedule.

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