The Top 10 Cities in Europe to Visit on Valentine’s Day

Where can you go on the ideal Valentine’s Day date? The top ten European cities for a romantic getaway with your significant other are listed below.
Taking your lover out on a special date is a common way to spend Valentine’s Day. Counting up each city’s fine dining restaurants, five-star hotels, and couple’s tours, Ubuy’s latest research ranks the ten capital cities of Europe with the most romantic activities and attractions. The data was gathered via a travel review platform.

1. England’s London
Based on data from travel review platforms, London, the capital of the United Kingdom, has the most number of fine dining restaurants—1361—coming in first place. There are six romance trips available for couples to do, and there are 138 hotels with five stars.
With top-notch eateries offering cuisine from all over the world, London’s restaurant industry is a veritable melting pot of cultures. There is something for every couple, from a romantic table for two in a hidden treasure where the owner also happens to be the chef to some of the most well-known Michelin-starred restaurants in the nation.

2. France’s Paris
The city that personifies romance comes in a surprising second. When comparing the scores, it lags London by very little. There are 1275 upscale dining establishments, 105 five-star hotels, and 60 romantic tours available in Paris.
There are 60 romance trips and 1275 upscale eating establishments in Paris.
Couples picture shoots at major sites, a private tour in a vintage automobile, and a champagne-sipping cruise along the Seine are among the available tours.

3. Italy’s Rome
Rome, the birthplace of Saint Valentine, comes in third. Rome is home to 26 romantic tours, 50 five-star hotels, and 840 great eating establishments. In the past, newlyweds and lovers would share drinks from the Trevi Fountain in hopes of making their love last forever. This city has a long history of romanticism.

There is an amazing variety of exquisite dining venues in the Italian capital. Numerous eateries specialize on mouthwatering pasta, wine, and seafood, as well as carefully crafted tasting menus. In addition to having a romantic dinner outside, couples can stroll through the lovely surroundings. The Palazzo Brancaccio even has a restaurant.
4. Spain’s Madrid
The energetic capital of Spain, Madrid, is the next stop. It offers a plethora of urban culture in addition to gorgeous parks and gardens for a stroll in the weather. Madrid offers two romantic tours, 33 five-star hotels, and 790 exquisite eating establishments.

Couples can enjoy a professional photo session in some of Madrid’s most picturesque settings and spend the night in opulent hotels that cater to all tastes, from sophisticated old structures to sleek, contemporary establishments.
5. Portugal’s Lisbon
Lisbon comes second, boasting 43 five-star hotels and 775 excellent eating establishments. There are many charming cobblestone streets to explore in this stunning city, which has a lengthy history. Additionally, it is so close to the shore that a half-hour’s drive will take you to numerous other seaside villages.

Explore Lisbon’s many charming cobblestone streets and rich history.
Iberian black pig and salted cod are two examples of traditional Portuguese meals and ingredients that are served in some of the most upmarket restaurants in Lisbon.
6. Greece’s Athens
Athens is ranked number six on the list. The capital of Greece offers 31 romance tours, 26 five-star hotels, and 755 exquisite dining establishments. Given that the city is home to incredible old structures and ruins, it is not unexpected that there are so many trips.

A sunset boat trip and an evening tour to see the Parthenon illuminated at night are included in the tour packages.
7. Czech Republic, Prague
The next most highly regarded city is Prague, also referred to as the City of a Thousand Spires. The capital of the Czech Republic has three five-star hotels, 603 upscale dining establishments, and three romance trips. Enormous in its architectural design, it’s a delightful area to stroll hand in hand.
Three five-star hotels and 603 fine dining establishments can be found in Prague.
A private river cruise and a six-hour chauffeur-driven tour of some of the most famous sites and lesser-known attractions in Prague are examples of romantic excursions in the city.

8. Germany’s Berlin
Berlin, which is sometimes referred to as the coolest city in Europe, has 582 upscale dining establishments, nine five-star hotels, and four romance tour options. There are a ton of galleries and museums in this vibrant city.
Popular fine dining spots include trendy pop-ups and neighborhood restaurants with daily rotating menus that offer an extremely unique experience.

9. Hungary’s Budapest
Budapest is ranked tenth in the list. In this vibrant and historic city, couples can unwind in a hot springs bath or perhaps indulge in some spa treatments on Valentine’s Day. In addition to 16 five-star hotels and 423 excellent eating establishments, it offers nine romantic tours.
While international contemporary cuisine is served in many of the city’s restaurants, patrons may also enjoy traditional Hungarian dishes prepared with ingredients that are found locally and coupled with a variety of wines.

10. The Netherlands’ Amsterdam
Lastly, Ubuy listed Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, as the tenth greatest city for an enchanting Valentine’s Day date. It boasts 16 five-star hotels and 367 luxury dining establishments. Couples can enjoy nine different types of romantic tours. This energetic and diverse city blends gorgeous architecture, parks, and a bustling nightlife.
Numerous romantic trips involve boat rides around Amsterdam’s well-known canal system; some tour companies provide wine and cheese throughout the excursion.

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