Ten mistakes you can make while traveling

Traveling can be challenging. Even while we enjoy traveling to new locations and seeing different cultures, it can be difficult to find the best deal, organize an itinerary, and cope with airport security and rules.

You’ll have a great trip if you can steer clear of these ten common travel blunders.

  1. without double checking the time, date, and departure airport of your flight. Disasters of many kinds, such as missing flights, protracted layovers, and even attempting to depart from the incorrect airport, might result from this. There are often multiple airports in a city, so it’s possible that your airline will schedule your departure from a different airport than your arrival.
  2. Bringing too much with you. Currently, the majority of airlines charge about $50 for every checked bag, and some even charge extra for carry-on items. You will be penalized heavily if you exceed the weight restriction. Aside from the expense, it is a pain to navigate packed, heavy luggage through airport security and through congested airports. You want to travel to escape from regular life and live carefree, right? Why would you bring everything with you when you went on vacation?
  3. not obtaining health insurance for travel. Even those who are young and in good health are susceptible to accidents or unexpected illnesses at any time. If you’re visiting a nation like the United States, where a common medical emergency, like a broken leg, may cost you more than $15,000, travel insurance is extremely crucial. We appreciate SafetyWing Nomad travel insurance because it provides travelers from over 140 countries with good coverage at reasonable pricing. Find out more about SafetyWing and to get a quote here.
  4. scheduling too much. Though you may be looking forward to your next vacation, packing in as many sights and activities as you can is a surefire way to ruin the experience. Time is of the essence to most people in their daily lives. On vacation, why would you want to injure oneself like that?
  5. failing to verify the prerequisites for a visa. Before they will grant a tourist or visitor’s visa, several nations need that your passport be valid for at least six months. Even if you only want to remain for a week, you will still require a passport with a six-month validity period. Before you can enter some countries, you must have an outward ticket.
  6. traveling in the busiest time of year. Peak season is more expensive and packed with visitors. Should you be able to reschedule, think about going during shoulder season, when costs are lower, crowds are smaller, and lodging options are more plentiful.
  7. Getting annoyed because the customs and language are foreign to you.  I’ve lost count of the number of tourists that get agitated when staff members don’t speak excellent English in restaurants and hotels. Consider how it would make you feel if a visitor to your nation insisted that you speak well in their language. Gaining an understanding of many cultures and learning a new language can both be accomplished through travel.
  8. disregarding important occasions like conventions or regional celebrations. More often than I’d like to confess, we’ve done this. We’ve overpaid for hotels in Canada because we neglected to check for significant conventions, and we’ve had problems scheduling trains in Thailand around the Songkran Festival and Chinese New Year because they were fully booked. Before you travel, research the local holidays in your location. During significant holidays, several sites and even restaurants may close.
  9. failing to check the regulations about what fits in your carry-on bag. This holds particular significance for gels and liquids. Regulations are subject to frequent revision, and it can be quite inconvenient to have to discard items that are prohibited from traveling or pay for return shipping (if you have the time).
  10. letting your phone roam about. Roaming costs on cell phones can be exorbitant. By purchasing a SIM card and phone credit in your new country (which is only compatible with unlocked phones), you may steer clear of them. Try contacting your provider to put up a temporary foreign plan with lower prices if your phone isn’t unlocked. Better better, if you can find free or inexpensive WiFi, use something like Google Hangouts, Skype, WhatsApp, or our current favorite, Google Hangouts. You may truly disconnect from your daily existence by simply turning off your phone.

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