Ten Tricks For Taking Your Smartphone on Vacation

Disable Data Roaming

When unexpected expenditures appear on your phone bill, especially when traveling abroad, data roaming can be a major contributing factor. When your network provider is unavailable in a particular location, your phone will connect to another in the interim, which is known as data roaming.

It is crucial to make sure roaming is disabled before visiting an unknown place. This will prevent your phone from automatically connecting to Wi-Fi and prevent you from paying roaming fees.

When you attempt to access the internet, it will ask you to connect to a Wi-Fi source if you disable data roaming before your trip. This serves as a helpful reminder to make use of the free WiFi available in hotels, eateries, cafés, and other establishments.

Download The Apps You Need

There are a ton of apps to help you move around, depending on where your travels may take you! Make sure you take the time to download all required apps before departing so you’re not caught off guard.

You might find yourself traveling without dependable Wi-Fi or in dire need of an app. Make a list of the apps you’ll need and confirm that they’ve all downloaded before you go to reduce any unnecessary anxiety.

Make a special travel folder so they are all easily found on your phone and available whenever you need them.

Purchase a Trustworthy Phone Case and Screen Protector

Investing in a dependable phone case and screen protector will help guarantee that your smartphone travels securely. In order to make sure you can use all of your essential apps and stay in contact with your loved ones while on your travels, protecting the outside of your phone should be your top priority.

Though there are a ton of options for protecting your phone, I’m now using a Gear4 case from ZAGG. I’ve handled a lot of cases, and I really like this one’s sleek feel and the grip on the rear. It fits my pocket easily because it’s not too big, but it does a good job of protecting my phone.

34% of Gear4’s iPhone cases are made with D3O® Bio, the most sophisticated plant-based protective material available. Compared to fossil fuel-based resources, D3O® Bio contains up to 45% renewable resources.

I’m utilizing the InvisibleShield screen protector from ZAGG. They provide five distinct screen-saving choices, including privacy screens, anti-glare, anti-microbial, and classic glass screen protection. I had no idea there were so many alternatives available for screen protectors, and I really like the selection of blue light filters!

ZAGG provides 360-degree protection for the gadgets that link people to the outside world. The company is a global pioneer and innovator in screen protection, protective cases, tablet keyboards, and power management solutions.

It will also provide you piece of mind to travel however you choose, knowing that your smartphone will be safe. One of the numerous advantages of protecting your device is this!

Understand Your Phone and Plan.

Knowing your phone plan will greatly simplify your travels! To find out if the place you are traveling to will have phone service, consult the coverage map provided by your network provider. or if there are any additional costs that might apply there.

Verify whether your phone plan includes an international option if you are planning a foreign trip. If not, give careful thought to whether it would be better to pay the extra costs or get an international plan from your provider rather than getting an international sim card when you are there.

Take some extra time to familiarize yourself with the new features and settings on your phone, especially if you recently updated it or bought a new one. This will make things easier to use and remove any annoyance caused by features that operate a little bit differently than they did previously.

Obtain Sufficient Cloud Backup Space

91% of respondents to a recent ZAGG travel poll said they use their cellphones to snap pictures and videos when they’re away. On smartphones, photo and video files hog a lot of storage space, with video files being the worst offenders. Take some time to see how much storage space is left on your phone and determine whether you need to add more.

You have two options for increasing your storage: either buy extra storage or remove files. Now might be an excellent time to look through your cloud storage and clean out outdated Dropbox and Google Drive stuff as well as organize, remove, or relocate any large or superfluous files.

In your carry-on, include chargers.

Because we depend so heavily on our smartphones when we’re away from home, it’s important to have them fully charged and operational. Make sure you always have your wall adapters and charging cables with you, along with a trustworthy backup, and that you can readily reach them.

Put your chargers in your carry-on for convenience and security. You never know when your bags might get mixed up and you might need to stop for a quick charge on the way to your destination.

Carry a portable power bank.

Purchasing a power bank is a wise decision in any situation, but it becomes even more crucial when on the road. A portable charger can provide you with the assurance that you won’t ever be trapped with a dead battery because, frequently, there could not be any outlets available to charge your gadgets.

To meet the demands of every traveler, ZAGG offers a variety of sizes and options for the mophie power bank. Mini packs, power banks with stands and wallets attached, and other designs are among them. They work with Qi-enabled devices like as the Samsung Galaxy, iPhone, and Google Pixel.

Currently, I take my travel trailer on road vacations with the Powerstation Go Rugged AC. It’s small and ideal for powering my phone, laptop, and camera equipment.

In addition, it has battery jumper wires, which were helpful when my car wouldn’t start after a lengthy drive. When parking your automobile while traveling, especially in an airport parking garage, I advise leaving this in your car. Your automobile may be jump started by the power bank, so you don’t need assistance!

Snap Screenshots And Pictures Of Vital Documents

When you get to a new place, your device might not connect to Wi-Fi right away and it might take some time for it to get used to its surroundings. It could take some time for you to see any reservations or confirmation numbers if you don’t have an internet connection.

Make the most of your phone’s screenshot feature by taking screenshots of all the information related to your travel and reservations, as well as images of your driver’s license, passport, credit card, and any other necessary paperwork.

Download Crucial Data

If you find it difficult to locate Wi-Fi when exploring, you can make good use of Google Maps. You can pre-download maps from Google Maps and view them offline! Maps of the routes between potential destinations should be downloaded in advance in case you find yourself on an expedition without internet access.

When downloading maps, plan ahead and use caution when using public, unprotected Wi-Fi. Even if the Wi-Fi appears authentic, a lot of these are hoaxes. Remain secure and protect your data by staying away from these networks.

Spend some time downloading your preferred music or podcasts in preparation while on a reliable wireless network if that’s how you want to listen to content while exploring.

Turn on remote wiping and find my phone.

Regretfully, there’s always a potential that you could misplace your smartphone. To increase the likelihood that you find it, activate Find My Phone and make sure you know how to use it quickly.

Because your phone will store all of your crucial documents for ease and security, make sure to turn on the remote wiping feature in case someone else has access to your phone.

Although technology might be daunting, it can also be your most useful travel companion. You’ll be set and ready to go in no time if you take the time to become familiar with the ways your smartphone can enhance your trips!

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